High-quality felt film consisting of 80% wool and 20% rayon with adhesive on backside

Use our high-quality felt for finishing your textiles and inspire your customers with an individual used look. CAD-CUT® Felt is made of 80% wool and 20% rayon. The film has no carrier material but can still be plotted with a flatbed plotter such as Ioline. Our CAD-CUT® Felt neither loses its great feel nor its beautiful look through frequent washing and wearing of the textiles.

WARNING: Because our felt is not a woven material, it takes some time and several washes to give it its typical, unique appearance. In order to keep it permanently on the textile, the material must be sewn or embroidered!

The specifications of the film




Easy Weed


Hot Peel | Self-adhesive

Multi-layer press proof


Ironing property

Can be ironed over

Washing temperature

up to 60° C

Press proof parameters

160 °C - 12 sec.

Material thickness

1400 microns | thin

Available in these colours:


Your benefits at a glance

Available in

  • 86 cm x ca. 22,8 m rolls
  • Suitable for

  • 100% cotton
  • 100% polyester
  • polyester/cotton-blended fabric
  • polyester blends
  • Recommended accessories

  • STAHLS‘ Weeder® for weeding
  • Grip or non-stick coated cover sheet
  • Downloads

    CAD-CUT® Felt

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